CVE-2008-2020 - Mighty Signature


The CAPTCHA implementation as used in (1) Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke 7.0 and 8.1 (2) my123tkShop e-Commerce-Suite (aka 123tkShop) 0.9.1 (3) phpMyBitTorrent 1.2.2 (4) TorrentFlux 2.3 (5) e107 0.7.11 (6) WebZE 0.5.9 (7) Open Media Collectors Database (aka OpenDb) 1.5.0b4 and (8) Labgab 1.1 uses a code_bg.jpg background image and the PHP ImageString function in a way that produces an insufficient number of different images which allows remote attackers to pass the CAPTCHA test via an automated attack using a table of all possible image checksums and their corresponding digit strings.